Ryushinkan Aikido is devoted to teaching the traditional martial art of Aikido. Our name, Ryushinkan, translates to ‘Flowing Mind School’.

We are a proud affiliate of Zenshinkai Aikido Association. We preserve and promote the lineage of the late Fumio Toyoda Shihan.

Our style of Aikido is vibrant, powerful, and highly dynamic.



Aikido can provide many things for each individual, ranging from physical to mental to spiritual. In essence, Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art that is based on protection of self and those around us. Practitioners learn to control and diffuse confrontation, rather than combat it. They become able to control an attacker without inflicting injury. Often, this type of training develops a new mental outlook, one that applies well to problem solving in one’s daily life.

Its three syllables translate to Harmony (Ai), Energy (ki), Way (do), and is thus known as "Way of Harmonizing Energy".

Aikido does not rely on muscular strength. It is effective by maximizing stability, engaging our hara (core/center), and then rearranging an attack through proper use of timing and angles. Because of this, Aikido can be practiced by everyone, regardless of size, gender, or strength.

Lincoln Sensei demonstrating a center-building exercise called 'Unliftable Body'.

Lincoln Sensei demonstrating a center-building exercise called 'Unliftable Body'.